When should you conduct an IT review to check that you’ve got the right technology?

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As technology continues to evolve, updating your IT infrastructure is crucial to avoid vulnerability to cyber threats and minimise the time spent troubleshooting outdated systems.

Regular security reviews, IT audits, and cybersecurity checks are not just essential tasks; they are your business’s shield against potential threats. By conducting these reviews, you can ensure that your technical infrastructure is up to par, minimising the risk of cyber threats and maximising your business’s productivity. We understand that you may need more time or knowledge to conduct these reviews, which is why our experienced team is here to assist you.

With our experienced team at Lucid Systems, you can trust that your IT audit is in capable hands. We will ensure that you are constantly working to the best of your ability with a robust and secure IT infrastructure.

But how often should these IT reviews happen, and how do you know when you are due a periodic audit of your IT system? And perhaps more importantly, what should you be thinking about as part of your next IT review?

In this article, we’ll delve into these questions and give you all the information you need to know about how to review your IT infrastructure.

Start by assessing your IT needs.

The first step before beginning your IT audit is to assess your current needs. There are three distinct parts to consider: your user base, your recent history, and your future needs.

Understanding your audience

We recommend that you focus on understanding the specific requirements of your customers and team members before you do anything else. Whether you need to prioritise user-friendly interfaces for customers or project management tools for your team, understanding and meeting these needs will empower you to evaluate the effectiveness of your existing IT systems.

Has your business changed recently?

Business growth, expansion into new sectors or locations, or hiring new employees are all triggers that necessitate an IT review. Neglecting these factors can result in inefficiencies, security vulnerabilities, and compliance lapses.

What about your plans for the future?

Conducting an IT audit allows businesses in Suffolk, Norfolk, and Essex to ensure that their infrastructure aligns with current and evolving needs while mitigating associated risks. It provides an opportunity to streamline processes, consolidate systems, and implement robust cybersecurity measures tailored to your specific business objectives.

What should businesses look for within an IT review?

When conducting an IT audit, it’s crucial to assess various aspects, including hardware, software, productivity, efficiency, data security and compliance. Legacy systems and outdated software not only pose security risks but also hamper employee productivity, leading to downtime and operational inefficiencies.

Your IT audit should evaluate costs and investments

In today’s challenging economic environment, we understand that every penny counts.

Optimising your IT expenditure is imperative for maintaining a competitive edge and maximising profitability. Beyond initial investments, ongoing expenses like maintenance, upgrades and security risks can significantly impact your bottom line.

Regular IT audits can allow you to identify inefficiencies, reallocate resources effectively, and strategically invest in the right technologies to drive growth and innovation.

It’s crucial to prioritise cybersecurity.

Maintaining robust data security measures is essential for safeguarding your business. With cyber threats evolving in sophistication and frequency, companies across the East of England must adopt proactive measures to protect their sensitive data, intellectual property, and reputation.

Thanks to regular cybersecurity reviews and IT audits, you can swiftly identify any potential vulnerabilities, assess risks, and implement robust defence mechanisms to protect against possible breaches.

Once you’ve checked your cybersecurity defences, consider applying for Cyber Essentials certification. Not only will this show that you’re taking care of your data, but your accreditation could allow you to start tendering for public sector or other government contracts. This could result in more strategic business growth.

How often should you conduct an IT review?

The frequency of your IT reviews should align with your business dynamics. Periodic assessments are necessary, but in-depth reviews should also be conducted whenever significant changes occur, such as system updates, legislative changes, or compliance requirements.

Staying proactive mitigates risks and ensures regulatory adherence.

We understand the criticality of safeguarding your business against cyber threats and optimising your IT infrastructure for enhanced productivity. Our comprehensive IT reviews and audits delve deep into your systems, identifying vulnerabilities, optimising performance, and ensuring compliance.

Lucid Systems can manage your IT reviews for you.

You might be ready for an IT review or audit, but you might be concerned about your time limitations and your knowledge. You may be searching for an independent IT support team that can cast a critical eye on your infrastructure and give you honest recommendations.

We may be based in Ipswich, but we partner with businesses across East Anglia, including Colchester, Norwich, Bury St Edmunds, and surrounding areas, to offer independent IT reviews that allow you to see how effective your system is. Our tailored support services and cyber security solutions provide businesses with robust protection and unparalleled support.

Ready to enhance your business’s productivity and operational efficiency? Contact us to learn more about our in-depth IT reviews and audits and how they can benefit your business.



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