Remote Desktop Services

Remote desktop services that bring an array of benefits to your business.

Facilitating a consistent remote working environment for your staff

Thanks to cloud technology, it has never been easier for businesses to implement comprehensive remote working policies. You may need an IT solution which facilities staff working from home. Or you may be requiring a service that ensures staff can expect a consistent approach across multiple offices. Whatever the case, remote desktop services can ensure that you have everything that you need.

What is a Remote Desktop Service (RDS)?

A remote desktop service allows you to publish a standard desktop environment to all of your users that is accessible from anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection.

Simply put, remote desktop services are about enabling your staff to gain easy access to their work without having to install applications onto their device. This means that your staff can log on to your internal servers direct from any device – whether it’s a mobile phone, laptop, or home computer. All of your files and folders and applications are stored directly centrally on secure servers. This is an ideal solution for businesses working across multiple locations. Your staff will have a consistent experience regardless of where they are when they log on.

The benefits of remote desktop services

We work closely with our clients to install remote desktop services and it’s easy to understand why. When correctly configured, remote desktop services can bring an array of benefits to your business including:

Standardisation of desktop experiences

All data is held within cloud technology. This means that no applications or software are installed on specific devices. Instead, your employees can log directly into their files and folders from any device, anywhere in the world. Your team may be working in different offices, or they may be logging on from home. Whatever the case, you can feel confident that they have access to everything that they need.

Provide greater computing power without upgrading devices

Technology moves quickly. You may find that members of your team require greater computing power to facilitate effective working. Remote desktop services are a flexible way of accessing this extra computing power without upgrading specific devices. This will allow you to reduce your costs and maintain your control over your IT budget