Lucid Systems is very much business as usual with the exception of non-essential site visits, we are here to respond to client support requests to enable home working.

Managing IT support requests through our helpdesk

We know that your business needs a functional IT infrastructure to maintain productivity. You may have invested in new servers, migrated to Office 365, or implemented remote desktop services. But there can still be a myriad of technical niggles to contend with. 

Dealing with forgotten passwords, printer issues, connectivity problems or even slow computer performance can be time-consuming. Although minor issues, they can impact the amount of work that your staff can get done. But serious IT errors such as system failures, complex infrastructure problems and even attempted security breaches can cause even bigger problems for your business, especially if these issues are not quickly rectified.

This is why you need the assistance of an IT helpdesk, providing you with the help and support that you require, when you need it the most.  

Our IT helpdesk can be a valuable resource for your business. Thanks to our team of dedicated engineers, we can provide an effective IT support service. This can give you confidence and trust that your IT system is working as efficiently as it should be.

Making the most of IT helpdesk support with a ticket management system

We manage our IT support through a dedicated ticket management system. This allows us to carefully prioritise any issues, record any problems, and continually keep you updated as to the status of your ticket.

Our clients can ask for help, report a fault, or simply ask a technical question using our support button on our website (on the bottom right-hand corner of the page). Alternatively, they can phone our Ipswich office on 01473 355199 or email us.

Once we received your request, we will allocate an engineer based on the issue.

Minor issues will be resolved by our 1st line support engineers. More complex technical issues or reoccurring errors will be passed onto our 2nd line support team. System issues that have a major impact on overall productivity, or situations where we need to work with external suppliers or vendors will be managed by our experienced 3rd line support team.

We promise a timely response 

Our IT helpdesk is proactively managed by our team of expert engineers. Once we receive an IT support request, we can assign it to a technician. This is usually within 15 minutes.

We understand the importance of having a rapid IT support team. We know that technical issues can prevent you from working effectively, so we will always endeavour to resolve any errors as quickly as possible. Where serious IT issues are detected, our Ipswich office is of close proximity to the A12 and A14 which means that we can quickly visit your office to identify and rectify the situation.     

Our IT helpdesk can support home workers as well

Our IT support isn’t just about office workers. We can also provide effective helpdesk support for employees working at home or those working across multiple locations.

Thanks to our remote software, we can easily resolve most technical issues without the need for site visits.

If your employees are experiencing internet connectivity problems at home, we can work with them to identify if their router is working correctly or whether there are any known local issues. This means that if they need to contact their internet provider they have as much information as possible which reduces the time it takes to diagnose broadband issues.   

Keeping you updated at each stage of your IT support

As an external IT helpdesk, we know the value of clear communication. Our ticket management system allows us to continually update you so you are clear of how long it will take for the issue to be resolved.

We monitor how long each ticket takes to resolve and we can provide you with a detailed report providing information on how much time is spent on technical issues. This information can be used to help you build a business case for any investment in new IT infrastructure, or it can be used to help you establish a return on investment for your IT budget.

We can also examine the common support requests that are coming through from your team. This can help us to identify any additional user training that may be required from your staff. Where we have identified areas for further training, we can help to educate your teams and enable them to get the most out of your IT system.

We provide IT helpdesk support to businesses throughout Ipswich, Colchester, Norwich, Cambridge, and London. To find out how we can effectively manage your IT system please contact us