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Take advantage of disaster simulations to test your business resilience

We all like to think that our businesses would remain functional in the face of a disaster. But what if it wasn’t? Would your business be able to cope if you had no access to your IT systems for any length of time? 

We know that when it comes to disaster recovery, time is of the essence. Businesses who can get back up and running as quickly as possible will minimise the impact that any disaster could cause. It doesn’t matter whether you are affected by a physical issue such as a fire or a flood, or a digital issue such as a cyber breach. What matters is how long it takes for your business to become fully functional.

Making the most of Disaster Recovery Drills

At Lucid Systems, we believe that you should always prepare for the unexpected.

It’s why many of our clients throughout Suffolk, Norfolk, and Essex take advantage of our Disaster Recovery (DR) Drill subscription service.

Our Disaster Recovery Drills are based upon simulated disasters. We simulate a worst-case scenario and test how easy it is for your business to regain full operations.

A common drill is to simulate the loss of your entire server. Our test allows us to undertake the necessary steps to retrieve your corporate data and reset your IT systems. The simulation allows us to check the timescales involved in recovering your data. It also allows our team of highly skilled engineers to find out if there are any weaknesses or vulnerabilities that could be improved.

The result is a comprehensive written report which outlines the steps involved in recovering your corporate data. This report should play a crucial role in your disaster recovery plans. It should enable you to benchmark how long it would take for you to regain control of your business if you have been affected by the unexpected.

Make the most of a DR testing schedule

We believe that Disaster Recovery Drills should be regularly tested. This is crucial to enable you to assess the effectiveness of your disaster recovery plan.

Clients who have signed up for our DR Drill service can benefit from twice-yearly simulations. These tests will factor in any new IT infrastructure and consider any new users. It also considers technological changes and updates. This gives clients peace of mind that their IT systems are maintained and supported, giving them greater resilience in the event of a disaster.


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