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Making the most of cloud-based IT solutions

In an uncertain world, we know that you’ll need to have confidence in your IT system. As your business changes and develops, you need a corporate IT solution which will adapt at the same pace.

We believe that cloud-based computing software can help you to improve your business productivity. Not only is it affordable, but it offers enhanced resilience to threats and is less likely to develop any technical issues. What’s more, the new dynamic tools will allow your team to collaborate more effectively!

What is cloud-based computing?

Simply put, it means that your corporate IT network is managed remotely rather than being stored in a bulky server, physically located in your office. Through the use of an internet connection, you can access all of your files, folders, and emails. With automatic updates, you can feel confident that everything will be automatically backed up and held securely.

Cloud backups mean you’ll always be protected

Cloud based software means that can feel confident that your confidential corporate data is held securely.

Our online backup and disaster recovery services ensure that your data is fully recoverable in the event of a loss. Whether you have deleted something in error, you’ve been impacted by a security threat, our online backups mean that we can get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

At Lucid Systems, we operate two secure data centres in Suffolk. This allows businesses like you to back up your corporate data to an off-site location. In the event that you need to recover your essential data, our team of trusted and expert technicians will be able to find and restore your missing information quickly and easily.

Why choose cloud services?

Cloud-based software is easy to use. It offers great protection and is affordable for even small businesses. For those who facilitate remote working, or for businesses operating across different locations, cloud-based software allows all users to experience a seamless experience wherever they are. With more dynamic ways of working and greater ability to adapt to your business needs, cloud software allows you to focus on your daily tasks, knowing that your IT system is working as it should.

Are you thinking of migrating to Office 365?

If you’re still working on dated desktop software, then it may be worth looking at migrating your systems across to Office 365. With email integration, data storage and the wide range of Office-apps that you’ve come to know and love, Office 365 offers everything that a business could need. Whether you’re an independent freelancer or a large brand with hundreds of users across multiple sites, Office 365 has something for everyone.

Our team of highly trained technicians are experts in Office 365. We work closely with clients to explain it’s strengths and help them to understand why so many businesses are choosing to migrate to cloud-based solutions. Our project management expertise allows us to handle the entire process on your behalf, with minimal disruption to your business. What’s more – we can even provide training support to help your staff get to grips with its look and feel!

Find out how we’ve worked with various clients to help them migrate to Office 365 in our client case studies.

Lucid Systems can work with you to migrate your business to cloud services. With robust security options and excellent collaborative working opportunities, we’ve worked closely with clients throughout Suffolk, Hertfordshire, and Essex to help business make the most of cloud computing. To find out more about our cloud services, please get in touch.