Security and Threat Management

Create a layer of defences to keep your business safe

Threat management is essential for proactive security

For your cybersecurity strategy to work, you need a layer of defences that can keep you safe, no matter what. Investing in Cyber Essentials is a great start, but it may not be enough.

Our threat management services will identify the wide range of threats that could potentially derail your business. By proactively identifying problems and preparing for any eventuality, you’ll know how to respond and rectify any potential issues before they escalate into something serious.

With our help and support, you will emerge more robust and more resilient to threats.

Your employees will recognise any potential issues and will know how to protect your critical assets in a timely manner.

Our security and threat management services will break down your defences into three distinct layers:

  • Your people
  • Your processes
  • Your technology

We work hard to educate your employees about how to spot the warning sides of a potential threat.

We implement stringent processes that offer robust protection.

But most importantly, we will be there to proactively update and maintain your technology to ensure that you benefit from the latest security patches.

Using every tools available to protect your business

New threats are emerging daily, so it is essential to make the most of protections that are flexible and can react and respond accordingly. The defence mechanisms you set up a year ago may no work against the threats you face now.

Our dynamic threat management services utilise a wide range of tools. All of them are designed to protect your business and enhance your security. When it comes to cybersecurity and threat management, there is no clear endpoint. Instead, we’ll take you on a journey of continuous proactive improvement so you can be sure that your cybersecurity defence mechanisms always adhere to global best practice standards.

Within our tool of arsenal, your defence layers will include:

  • Antivirus software
  • Data backups and recovery
  • Email protection software
  • Employee education and training
  • Firewalls
  • Malware protection
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Penetration testing
  • SSL encryption
  • User access permissions