Penetration Testing Service

Delve into your IT infrastructure to discover your vulnerabilities

What is penetration testing?

Pen testing, which is also known as certified ethical hacking, is a way of searching your networks and your IT systems for any weaknesses.


Penetration testing and vulnerability scanning are crucial weapons in your defence against cyberattacks. You can instantly make your system more resilient to cybercrime by checking for operational weaknesses, identifying unknown hardware or software flaws, and making sure that your systems are set up correctly.

Our CREST-approved pen test specialists have the skills and credentials to carry out a simulated attack for public sector and privately owned companies across Suffolk, Norfolk and Essex.

We will use the same techniques and tricks that hackers use to see how far we can get into your IT system without being caught. The insights gained from pen testing will allow you to find any weaknesses or emerging vulnerabilities and take active steps to strengthen your defences.

Our penetration testing services cover a range of different tests, including:

  • Network testing
  • Web application testing
  • Cloud penetration testing
  • Wireless penetration testing

During your initial audit, we will discuss which penetration test is right for your business.

After the assessment is complete, you will receive a detailed written report that lists any security vulnerabilities that hackers could potentially exploit. You’ll find out how each issue could affect your business, and you will be given a series of actionable steps that you can take right away to make immediate improvements.

Our pen testing services will give you a better understanding of your IT infrastructure and a clear plan for how to make your security stronger.

Is penetration testing right for your business?

As threats change all the time, you need to keep improving your cybersecurity plans to keep yourselves safe. Ideally, you should invest in penetration testing once a year. That way, you will always have the latest insights and data analytics to make informed decisions.

However, we understand that you may not always have the time or budget for an annual pen test.

Penetration testing is right for your business if you’ve recently:

  • Bid for a public sector or commercial contract
  • Changed your IT infrastructure
  • Developed a custom application for your business
  • Installed third-party software solutions
  • Launched a new product or service
  • Merged with another company
  • Relocated to a new office