CCTV Installations

Seamless integration, maximum protection. IT-engineered CCTV systems.

Maximising the impact of your CCTV installations

Contemporary CCTV cameras offer so much more functionality than just security protection.

The days when we relied upon grainy black-and-white footage are long gone. These days, security surveillance systems record in high-definition and let you play back recordings with the touch of a button. Your real-time security footage can be viewed from a laptop or mobile device, so you can be sure that your business is safe and secure from anywhere in the world.

The rapid acceleration of high-tech CCTV cameras means that you need more than just static security cameras. Your premises deserve to have an IT-engineered business CCTV system that will automatically work with your entire technical network.

Perhaps you’re looking for 100% security coverage across your shop floor. Or maybe you need a great multi-camera CCTV system that makes it easy to connect multiple buildings. You deserve to have an office CCTV installation that works with your broadband connections and seamlessly transmits any recordings straight to your server.

If this sounds familiar, then you’ve come to the right place.

We take the hard work out of commercial CCTV installations, providing end-to-end support that meets your needs.

Our CCTV camera installations in Ipswich offer

  • We install 4K cameras, which produce excellent video and sound quality
  • Facial recognition and motion detection technology
  • Automatic failovers make sure your cameras will always work, even during a power outage
  • Single or multi camera solutions that promise complete coverage
  • Cabling installations so you don’t need to compromise on camera placement
  • Network integration gives you peace of mind that your CCTV installation aligns with your wider infrastructure
  • Camera maintenance and repair
  • Cloud-based storage gives you complete control over how long your recordings are kept.
  • Encrypted video recordings that can be easily retrieved from your cloud-based or on-premise server

If you want to know which surveillance system will work best for your business, please talk to us. We can manage your entire CCTV installation from start to finish or provide you with additional resources to support your in-house team.

All our installations take place out-of-hours so that you will have minimal disruption and maximum protection.

Prevent, monitor, react. Comprehensive CCTV solutions designed by IT experts

Are you looking to install a new CCTV system to monitor your property? You may think you need to speak to a specialist alarm company. After all, who else could set up a better security system for your business premises?

However, our dedicated Lucid Installations team has worked with businesses all over Suffolk to install CCTV and surveillance services.

We can make sure that you have the newest, most advanced commercial CCTV systems that are designed specifically for your needs. We’ve worked wit