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Is your CCTV working effectively?


When it comes to business security, we all like to think that we’ve done enough to protect ourselves. You may have installed CCTV cameras to monitor your business, but are you confident that your cameras can catch every inch of your premises?

In recent years, CCTV and surveillance cameras have undergone a huge transformation. No longer do you need to rely on static analogue cameras offering grainy footage. Instead, you can expect to benefit from small, digital cameras that can track your whole business at the touch of a button. Whether you are choosing to monitor your CCTV recordings via laptop or mobile device, you can enjoy HD and even 4K recordings which allow you to watch real-time images at any time of day, from anywhere in the world. 

Why choose Lucid Systems to install your CCTV cameras

You may think that your CCTV and surveillance cameras should be installed by an alarm company. After all, they must be experts when it comes to security.

However, you may be surprised to know that we offer a wide range of CCTV and surveillance services to businesses throughout Ipswich, Norwich and Colchester, Norwich (as well as the rest of the East of England). Thanks to our expertise in structured cabling, we can design and install comprehensive CCTV solutions that are designed to meet your business needs. Perhaps you need to install new security camera to give you 100% coverage of your shop floor. Or maybe you need a camera which is triggered by motion detection. You may even need something which incorporates facial recognition technology.

Whatever the circumstances, our team of experts can work with you to design a bespoke CCTV and surveillance solution that is fully integrated with the rest of your corporate IT system. We can ensure that your CCTV functions as part of your network infrastructure, enabling you to transmit high-quality images and even audio recordings to your computer or server. Once this data is received, we can provide effective (and flexible) cloud-based storage options, allowing you to retain full control over how long your recordings are stored for. 

Making the most of IP security cameras

We excel in installing IP security cameras which operate in conjunction with your computer network. Using only an internet connection, you can record, display, or transmit your CCTV footage to anywhere in the world. These network cameras can offer you instant access, and are easy to operate, giving you peace of mind and reassurance.

Thanks to the high definition recording capabilities, security footage captured via IP security cameras can be far more effective than traditional analogue cameras. You can feel more confident that your business premises will remain fully protected at all times.

“For such a large project, the entire process felt extremely straight-forward, and this is because the team at Lucid Systems know and understand our business so well.

We had full confidence that we could tell them what we needed and that they would be able to get on with the task at hand and deliver exceptional results. When we began the project, we didn’t know what equipment was available and the standard of cameras chosen by the Lucid team has blown us away. It’s not just the quality of the footage recorded, it’s also the ease of use – our staff have much more confidence in their ability to say when they think there is a problem.

Another key highlight for us is the way that Lucid plan dynamically. They are so flexible in their approach that throughout the installation process they were continuously establishing new ways to maximise the impact of the cameras, giving us better coverage than we anticipated. We are now confident that 100% of the shop floor is covered and it’s made a big difference to what we wanted to achieve.”

Stuart Leader

Suffolk Food Hall


Find out how we worked with an Ipswich-based client to install an effective surveillance camera system which met their needs in our client case study.


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