Audio and Video Conferencing

Hear every word, see every detail. Meetings perfected.

Enhance your virtual meetings with audio and video conferencing solutions

Video conferencing has changed the way we work. It’s now simple to connect with colleagues from anywhere in the world. You can communicate with employees, customers or clients whether you’re working from multiple office sites, working from home or a mixture of the two.

Today’s state-of-the-art audio and video conferencing installations are now easy to use. They have high-definition cameras, excellent sound quality and a range of technical features that make your meetings interactive. But boardroom technology has often been let down by poor aesthetics. You might have to deal with poorly placed cameras, complicated speaker systems or wires that are running across your desk or the floor.

You deserve a video conferencing and audio system that ties into your wider IT systems. One that you can seamlessly sync with your files and folders without compromising on security. A technical system that is simple to understand and prioritises seamless communications between all users.

With on-premise or cloud-based audio-visual solutions available, we can design a bespoke installation for you, which will maximise communication and collaboration. An audio-visual installation which will allow you to work to the best of your ability and deliver immersive meeting experiences.

We design and install everything from mobile or desktop solutions to purpose-built conference rooms and learning and training facilities.

We can prioritise:

  • AI noise cancellation technology
  • AI-powered cameras with motion detection and facial recognition technology
  • Detailed floor plans and schematics
  • Dual camera design with wide lens and auto-focus
  • Easy screen-sharing capabilities
  • Employee education and training
  • Room scheduling technology
  • Scalable solutions tailored to your business needs
  • Speaker tracking

Transform your conference room

For years, we’ve been kitting out clients across Suffolk with the latest boardroom technology, allowing them to benefit from the newest audio-visual technology.

Our video conferencing installations are perfect for clients looking to ramp up their boardrooms. They give you a flexible meeting space or additional rooms that are designed just for learning and development. Our understanding of what technology you need and how you want to use your room allows us to design and install flexible audio-visual solutions that meet your needs.

Whether you’re a business looking to invest in a dedicated training room or a school or college seeking help with education-tech installations, we are here to help.

Our audio-web conferencing services combine technical innovation with the latest security settings. Everything is set up to work in collaboration with your wider IT infrastructure, so you can benefit from seamless communication without worrying about data security.