Our IT helpdesk services are a big part of what we do to help businesses in Ipswich, Colchester, and Norwich thrive. For years, we’ve provided technical assistance and ongoing support to help manage any IT issues, keeping your staff working as productively as possible.

We help people like you grow your businesses. Investing in an IT helpdesk is often the first step on that path.

Graphic with the words "investing in an IT helpdesk could be the first step to growing your business. If IT problems are taking up too much of your time, it could be a sign you need to invest in an external IT helpdesk team in Ipswich.

When you start a business, you’ll likely take care of your own IT needs. But as your business grows and you hire more people, your IT needs will change. As your business (and IT system) grows, you may need more time to deal with technical problems. Without realising it, you might find that you’re suddenly spending more time on small technical problems that are keeping you from focusing on your other goals.

Does that sound familiar?

This is when we can step in.

Our IT helpdesk services give your employees an outside place to go when they are having technical problems. We can take care of many different problems and help your staff get back on their feet quickly.

Our helpdesk team are great at prioritising technical issues and troubleshooting common problems. Although we focus heavily on problem resolution, we also take a holistic approach to our technical support. For example, if we notice a specific pattern emerging within your corporate IT system, we might recommend alternative options designed to save you time and money.

Why is it essential for your business to work with an external IT helpdesk team?

When you invest in an IT helpdesk team, you want to find the fastest way to fix any IT problem, no matter how big or small. Putting your IT problems in the hands of an external helpdesk could save you money because problems would be fixed much faster. This could increase employee productivity and reduce frustrations inside the company.

If your business relies on the latest technology to work effectively, you could find that investing in an external IT helpdesk team is critical for your customer support and ongoing sales.

How does an IT helpdesk work?

Technology advances mean that we can often resolve minor issues right away from our head office in Ipswich. We can find the root cause of any problem and fix it quickly by using remote capabilities.

At Lucid Systems, we use an effective ticket management system for our IT helpdesk. Every client is given an IT helpdesk login, which lets them tell us about any problems they are having. From here, we can organise our tickets based on their date and the scale of the issue.

IT helpdesk services can cover a range of activities

Our experienced IT helpdesk teams are in charge of fixing technical problems, managing your IT infrastructure proactively, solving problems, and getting feedback. We can even give reports to stakeholders about how well your IT systems work.

A picture of a man answering an IT helpdesk enquiry with the words "IT helpdesk services include: Answering calls, problem solving, communication, proactive management, employee training and reports"

The typical activities of our IT helpdesk engineers include:

  • Answering common questions about IT.
  • Proactive management of your IT infrastructure.
  • Continual communication with clients to check how effective your IT systems are for your business needs.
  • Managing software updates and ensuring all technology benefits from the latest patch fixes and security settings.
  • Teaching employees how to use specific software solutions or apps.

What are the business benefits of investing in external IT helpdesk support?

Let’s say you are writing a business case for investing in an outside IT helpdesk service in Ipswich. In that case, it’s important to understand how our team can help your business in real ways.

The five business benefits of investing in an IT helpdesk including efficient operations, seamless experiences, support across all devices, expert knowledge and positive ROI

First, we can make your operations more efficient. Our experienced help desk solution can handle your customers’ questions, complaints, needs, requests, and support in one place. It’s a simple way to help you solve IT problems quickly and effectively.

Secondly, we can make things easy for your business by delivering a seamless experience. It’s not just about making your customers feel better about you (who will ultimately benefit from your improved IT systems). It’s also about making sure your staff doesn’t get too frustrated with repeated technical issues. If your employees are continually affected by ongoing IT problems, it could create a negative impression. Therefore, investing in an external IT helpdesk team could be critical for staff retention.

An effective IT helpdesk team can provide support across all devices. IT helpdesk support is more than just fixing problems with desktop PCs or laptops. We can also check out your tablets, phones, and any other work-related tech you use.

Our expert knowledge can resolve issues and deliver results. With our expert knowledge, we can solve problems and get things done. We know a lot about the latest IT equipment because we work across hundreds of different systems, use different software, and have a mix of on-premise and cloud-based solutions. Because of this, we can solve problems quickly and give you ideas you might not have thought of before.

You can improve your return on investment when it comes to your IT budget. If you’re considering investing in an external IT helpdesk service, you need to know that it will pay off in terms of ROI. With our help, you can get more out of your team, take better care of your IT systems, and have fewer technical problems. All of these things will help your team work faster and better, which could help your business grow.

Talk to us about your IT helpdesk needs

Please talk to our team if you’re considering investing in an IT helpdesk service.

Our Ipswich head office is close to the A12/A14 junction. This means we are ideally located to work with businesses across Suffolk, Norfolk and Essex, as well as Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire and London. We work with small and medium-sized businesses across a wide range of sectors, and our plans are built with your budget in mind.

To find out how we can help you, please call 01473 355199.


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