Food Hall is an award-winning farm shop and restaurant, located in Wherstead on the outskirts of Ipswich. The Food Hall has built its reputation upon supplying high-quality local food and drink and has expanded its reach to have a dedicated restaurant and garden centre as well as two popular escape rooms.

The Suffolk Food Hall is a long term client of Lucid Systems, and we provide comprehensive IT support to its 35 users.


Services Used

The Challenge

  • CCTV installation

  • Cabling infrastructure

The Results

  • Improved security

  • Reduced crime

The Challenge

The Suffolk Food Hall was looking for a significantly upgraded CCTV system with additional cameras. As the shop has become busier, they needed to invest in a system that would give them greater coverage of the food hall whilst being easy to access and manage.

As a large CCTV project, the biggest challenge was installing the cabling and cameras across high ceilings. We knew that we needed to install 25 new cameras (at height) and this had to be done when the shop was closed to prevent any disruption to staff and customers.

Our Approach

To design a modern, fully managed CCTV system we needed to undertake an initial site survey. We spoke at length with the client to establish which areas of the shop needed greater coverage and how we could maximise the effectiveness of the CCTV. The client provided us with a floor plan outlining where they wanted the camera’s to be and our challenge was to establish the most effective ways to get the cameras set up.

We ensure that we had a system that would be easy to manage for the client, we recommended installing a Ubiquiti Unifi Protect system, with a Generation 2 cloud key controller and upgraded storage. This would give them exactly what they needed and still have the flexibility to adapt and change as the business changes.

As is our usual approach to managed IT services, we collaborated with the client throughout the project. As well as regular email updates and phone calls, the close proximity of the Lucid Systems head office to the Suffolk Food Hall meant that we were easily able to manage site visits where required.

The Timescales

During the installation phase, we worked closely with the client. It was important to handle the installation out of hours to cause minimal disruption. We managed the process as swiftly as we could – however because of the location of where we needed to install some of the cables and the fact that we were installing cameras at height, it did take careful planning. On average it took 90 minutes to install each individual camera.

The Results

The final managed solution effectively met the clients’ needs and they have successfully caught shoplifters thanks to the CCTV footage.

Upon installation, the client was able to have immediate access to the cameras via the Unifi Project App. They’ve also benefited from HD recordings (which make it easier to identify any shoplifters) as well as remote management, time-lapse viewing and motion detection zones. Since the installation of the CCTV systems, the quality of the footage captured through the CCTV system has been of sufficient high-quality that police have been able to publish clear images in local media outlets in a bid to capture alleged shoplifters.

We anticipate that as a result of the new CCTV system, the client will benefit from reduced crime which will have a big impact upon the bottom line. The Suffolk Food Hall has also noted that due to its ease of use, staff are more proactive about sharing details of potential incidents. They know that due to