PS Human Resources provides HR services to businesses across the UK. As a Suffolk-based business, the company provides HR solutions to businesses, whether they need independent consultancy to manage complex situations, or whether they are looking to outsource their entire HR operations.

The firm works with businesses across a wide range of sectors and geographical locations and was recently a finalist in the “HR Consultancy of the Year 2020” category at the Personnel Today Awards.

As a client of Lucid Systems, PS Human Resources knew that they could count on us to help them unify their communications. They were previously using G-suite and they wanted to migrate their emails across to Microsoft 365. They also needed to migrate their files and documents from Dropbox into SharePoint. This would allow them to benefit from additional scalability and give the company flexibility to grow and adapt their services.


Services Used

The Challenge

  • Microsoft 365 migration

  • Data security

  • Remote working

The Results

  • Improved collaboration

  • Enhanced email capabilities

  • Unified system

The Challenge

The company needed a more centralised and unified system. They were needed software that would allow them to store all data in one singular place within the cloud. As the company adapted to remote working, they also needed to feel confident that they were able to work collaboratively in the most efficient way possible.

We recommended a migration across to Microsoft 365. We were able to explain the benefits of the software and explain how Microsoft Teams has an array of features that can improve collaborative working.

The G-Suite to Microsoft 365 migration meant that PS Human Resources could feel comfortable that all of their data would be stored securely within the cloud and that there would be a centralised management for all communications. This would mean that remote working was far easier and more efficient for each team member.

The migration to Microsoft 365 also meant that the company can benefit from a variety of features within the software. This means that productivity could increase, but it also means that the business has greater scope to adapt to changes in the future.

Our Approach

As is standard with our email migrations, we began the project by auditing the email inboxes that existed within G-suite. We also carefully audited the files and folders that were stored in Dropbox, so we knew how much data needed to be migrated across to Microsoft 365.

Once we knew how much data needed to be migrated, we were able to explain to PS Human Resources why we felt that Microsoft 365 was the best possible solution for their needs. We explained the key features available within Teams and SharePoint and explained how these tools could be used to overcome any pain points that the company had previously experienced.

During the G Suite to Microsoft 365 Migration, we were careful to minimise any disruption to the client. We undertook the transition out of hours using our remote software, to reduce any downtime for the client.

By using a ‘lift and shift’ approach, we were able to make copies of the offline mailboxes before importing them into the new MS 365 mailboxes. We made sure that the Mail Exchange records were updated, and that each user had a new Outlook profile.

This meant that when PS Human Resources began work the next day, each team member was able to seamlessly use the new Microsoft mailboxes.

The Results

The migration to Microsoft 365 has proven to be extremely successful. It was important to the firm that collaborative working was improved – not just for internal staff, but also for their external clients whom they regularly collaborate and work with. The move to SharePoint has made working processes far more effective, and the company is regularly making the most of the features available within MS Teams.

The email migration was seamless. Not only do they now have enhanced email capabilities, but thanks to having a unified system, they now feel far more confident that all of their data (and that of their external clients) is held securely.

Since the migration was completed, we’ve spent time working with individual team members at PS Human Resources to ensure that they know how to make the most of the software. And it is clear that the client now has a solution that will work alongside them now, and also grow with them in the future.