Working From Home

How to accomodate employees who wish to work from home

Supporting your staff to work from home effectively

Increasingly employees are looking to work for businesses that allow them to work from home. Some staff may require a flexible working day which allows them to manage childcare solutions.

Some may be looking to avoid a lengthy commute. And others may simply be looking to benefit from a positive work-life balance. Whatever the scenario, it’s never been technically easier for you to allow your staff to work from home.

Our expertise lies in helping clients throughout Suffolk, Norfolk, and Essex to facilitate employees who wish to work from home. We use our knowledge and understanding of your business to create complete telecommuting services that enable your team to access their work from anywhere in the world. We also ensure that internet connectivity remains consistent and secure connections are in place for all remote workers.

In essence, we ensure that your comprehensive IT policies and procedures remain in effect whether your staff are working at home or in the office.

Advance planning allows flexible working

At the heart of our business IT solutions are our ability to look ahead and plan for the future. The Lucid Systems approach is to consider what your business needs right now, and what it may need in the future.

We anticipate that businesses will want to continue working from home where possible. That’s why our IT solutions are designed with flexibility in mind. We use our experience to design and implement cohesive systems that offer everything that you need to transfer your office environment to your home. We know that it’s not just about taking a laptop home and getting stuck in. Working from home requires careful planning and consideration.

That’s why our working from home solutions factor in the following services:

  • Remote Desktop Services that allow a consistent desktop experience from anywhere in the world.
  • VoIP telephone services allowing you to answer phone calls from home, allowing you to retain your direct line.
  • Internet connectivity checks to ensure that your staff has the fast connections that they need to remain productive.
  • Using Microsoft Teams and Office 365 to enhance the communication of your team.
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) can be used to maintain security for your business.
  • Password protection can be factored into applications to ensure a two-step verification process for all places where sensitive information is stored.
  • IT helpdesk support to ensure that your staff are given the same high levels of technical support and customer care that they would expect within your office environment.