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protected online backup service


Tape backup is a common solution within a small business, but it also comes with many draw backs.  The hardware cost for tapes drives and tapes can exceed £350 pa.  Internal personnel are required to change tapes in addition to their primary role, which increases the likelihood of human error.  The mechanical nature of tape drives means that component failure is much more likely due to wear and tear and the tapes themselves have a limited shelf life.  All this come at a cost. Tape backups can be a hassle, especially during a crisis when key data is to be recovered without delay. Because our solution is hosted online we can initiate recovery from any location.

Keeping backups offsite with Lucid Systems is a modern proven solution to the critical process of backing up your data.


Offsite Backups – The Benefits

Offsite backup is cost effective, efficient and more reliable process than tape backup.

Cost Effective

No capital outlay, you just pay a fixed monthly fee, No setup fees, No operating cost,s No tape storage costs


Once the initial setup is complete all ongoing management and monitoring is completed by Lucid Systems.  Just make your restoration requests and they are completed by our trained engineers.  No waiting to find the right tape.  In the event of a complete server disaster such as fire or theft your entire server can be restored to our standby servers and your data made available to you by way or a secure VPN.   


Automated daily offsite backup provides comprehensive protection and zero hassle.  Once subscribed just leave it all to us.  You will also receive regular reports on the backup process to make up part of your disaster recovery policy..

The Offsite Backup Process

Software is installed on your server to select the data to be backed up, manage the connection to the internet and the encryption / compression of the data - prior to transferring it to our data centre
Backups are typically scheduled to run daily, but can be run manually and can be performed at any time with a single click.
Security is provided through secure-sockets connections to our data centre, 128-bit encryption and account passwords are used.  Data Compression ensures regular backups are very efficient and non-intrusive.

Who uses offsite backup?

Offsite Backup is used by most industries throughout the world including: law firms, accountants, consultants, financial intermediaries, manufacturers, education and research, retail outlets, distributors, and not-for-profit organizations.  Organizations of all sizes with an internet connection can benefit.

What are the limitations of offsite backup?

Offsite Backup needs an internet connection to work such as an ADSL, Cable, DSL or Leased Line. These have the advantage of faster transmission rates, no usage call charges and the ability to handle large volumes of data.

The initial backup process can take some time because a full copy of the data must be encrypted, compressed and copied to our data centre. Additional daily backups are significantly faster because file changes only are transmitted.  These changes are typically at a 'block' level within a file i.e. if a change is made to a previously backed up document, only the change to that document is sent, not the whole document.

Is offsite backup secure?

Offsite backup is secure. Only secure socket connections are made to our offsite data centre and data is encrypted.  Data never travels un-encrypted, including during a backup or restore process.
A password, an account number and an encryption key all ensure that only the authorized user has access to the data.

How much does offsite backup cost?

Speak to us for detailed pricing. A general rule is the more space you need, the higher the price; although the price increase is generally not in proportion to the size increase, you can benefit from economies of scale.