IT Support Hertfordshire          
Lucid Systems is a prominent service provider in the Hertfordshire area.  We provide complete IT support solutions to many businesses in the county and surrounding areas.  These businesses come from many different industries that include Solicitors, Surveyors, Logistic, Farming, Recruitment, Retail and Property companies. 

If your business is located in Hertfordshire and you have a serious IT fault you could have a skilled engineer on site within two hours.  These response times coupled with our on-line backup solution will ensure that your disaster recovery policy meets the most stringent regulations such as those set by the FCA.    

Services to larger organisations

As well as IT Support we are well positioned to supply HP hardware and network infrastructure solutions to the local schools and larger IT departments in the area.   


Local data centre for backup

Lucid Systems has two data centres in Suffolk meaning that both small and large businesses can backup up their data to a relatively local off site location.

This means that essential data is far enough off site to comply with your disaster recovery policy but near enough to transport an entire backup set to your site very quickly in the event of a server failure or disaster. See Protected Online Backup for more details.