Support Agreements

IT-Support-IpswichThe two most popular support products offered by Lucid Systems are the “ Covered ” and “ Informed ” agreements.  These products have been carefully designed to fulfil the needs of a small or medium sized business.

The primary need is to be covered, this means that when things go wrong you have an agreement in place to ensure that an engineer is available to respond within a given time period and resolve that problem.  You are “Covered” for the unexpected. 

The secondary need is to be informed as to the status of your systems on a regular basis so that future problems can be prevented and any changes in your IT strategy can be easily implemented.  Scheduled visits to your premises and inspection of your system, followed by a report ensure that you are always “Informed” as to your systems status and the steps to take. 

Although this model suits most businesses, no two are the same.  Speak to us about your requirements, We would be more than happy to tailor an agreement to suit you.

Covered Agreement


On requesting a "Covered" Agreement your overall system will be assessed and a fixed annual fee supplied.  This fee remains the same regardless of the amount of time an engineer is called out, enabling you to budget effectively and ensure that your people request help quickly with no thought to additional cost. 

In the event of a problem that affects all staff, such as a server issue an engineer is contracted to respond within a given time frame.  Problems that affect an individual person or PC are responded to within eight working hours. 

Please contact us for full terms of this agreement.

Informed Agreement

Computer-support-colchesterFor most small and medium sized businesses that are growing, where downtime is unacceptable or where they simply want to compete on a level of much larger businesses, the Covered Agreement is not enough. The "Informed" Agreement is aimed at these businesses.

In addition to responding to faults as they happen under the Covered Agreement, an Informed Agreement includes the following:

  • Scheduled visits (typically monthly)
  • Regular reporting on your IT position
  • Bi-annual IT strategy meetings

This means faults are identified and rectified before downtime is caused. In addition to these regular status reports you would receive a bi-annual meeting to assess the options open to you and properly plan your IT strategy to ensure you are getting the best return on your investment.