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Online Backups - Protecting your data from unexpected losses

We know of the importance of protecting and securing your essential data. We also understand that having access to your data (whether it’s held in the cloud, or on your own servers) is essential to maintain your day-to-day productivity.  

At Lucid Systems, our clients know that their corporate data will be easily retrievable in the event of a loss. This is because our online backup services are designed to ensure that your data is available for recovery at all times. Whether you have an on-premise server located in your office or your IT system is designed to work with cloud-based servers or services, we can duplicate, encrypt, and store your data at one of our two dedicated data centres in Ipswich. This means that whatever the situation, we can quickly restore your data and get you up and running as quickly as possible.

Of course, corporate data isn’t just about files and folders. It’s also about your emails and SharePoint sites. Whether you’ve lost a file or an email as a result of accidental deletion, or your business has been affected by a more serious disaster, we are here to help you get it back. 

How do online backups work?

Our online backup service is designed with your business continuity plan in mind.

1.      Your data is encrypted at the point a copy is taken.

2.      An encrypted connection is then established to our server and the data transmitted

3.      The encrypted data is then stored on or servers ready to restore if required

What about data security?

Our offsite backup site is fully secure. Only secure socket connections are made to our offsite data centre and all client data is fully encrypted.  Our own procedures for handling secure information are set out in our ISMS Policy which are independently audited in line with ISO 27001 standards 

Clients trust us because they know that their backups will be fully managed by our team of expert engineers. We offer daily backups as standard - although twice-daily backups can also be arranged.  Each day one of our team will proactively monitor your backup to ensure that any failures are rectified immediately. Our proactive testing process is a key part of our disaster recovery services.

Whether you need to retrieve a single file or an entire server, we can have you up and running as quickly as possible. What’s more, our online backups are designed to work effectively even with limited internet connectivity resources. This means that you can feel confident that all of your hard work will remain secure and backed up.

What are the business benefits of your online backup service?

The best business continuity plans are based on taking a proactive approach. Therefore, you should plan and prepare for how you would recover your data in the event of a loss.

Our online backup service allows you to remain in control of your budget. We work with you as your business grows, and we proactively ensure that your backup continually meets your needs. It’s efficient, its secure and most of all, it’s reliable.

We provide effective online backup services for businesses across the East of England. If you’d like to know how we can work with your business to provide online backup support, please get in touch.