Cloud Technology Solutions

Cloud services to suit G-Suite, Microsoft 365 and Azure

Simplifying IT cloud services

These days, everyone is working from the cloud. What’s not to like? It’s quick and easy. It’s secure. There are no bulky servers or hardware to maintain. And you can access your files, emails and documents from anywhere in the world.

If you’re looking for an IT system that guarantees automatic updates, regular backups and full encryption, then you’ve come to the right place. Our cloud IT solutions are designed to adapt to the ever-changing technologies in today’s digital world. From migrations and installations to full cloud storage UK and data recovery, you can benefit from a seamless experience wherever you’re working.

Cloud technology solutions are simpler than you might think.

We won’t hit you with heavy jargon or bamboozle you with options that might not be right for you. Instead, we’ll collaborate with you to help you articulate how you need your IT systems to work.

Once we’ve identified your priorities, we can create a cloud service agreement that matches your needs.

  • Colocation rack space
  • Email Migration
  • Microsoft 365 cloud services
  • Public cloud services (such as AWS or Azure)
  • Rapid cloud backups
  • Server migration

With so many options available, our cloud services costs will match your business needs and your bottom line.

Fast, seamless, affordable cloud backups

You need your files and folders to work effectively. But what would you do if you were affected by a data breach or somebody accidentally deleted the wrong file?

Would you be prepared if the likes of Microsoft or Google had an unexpected global outage? Our cloud backup services offer effective data backups that work alongside various SaaS providers, including G-Suite, Microsoft 365, and Azure.

Thanks to our intelligent software, we can begin backing up your data in just a few minutes. You can benefit from automatic high-frequency backups that run up to 24 times a day. Your Microsoft 365 data will be fully backed up with parallel execution and automatic rescheduling if a backup fails. All data will be fully encrypted and can be quickly restored with shared permissions, document IDs, and full structure intact.

Our cloud hosted backup solutions offer affordable pricing structures with no hidden charges or lengthy contracts.

Instead, you will pay a singular fee per user per month. Our business cloud backups are affordab