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Network Solutions

Whether you have a simple local network connected to the internet via an ADSL service, or a complex wide area network with multiple Virtual Private Networks and Virtual LANs, Lucid systems can both advise on and support your requirements.
Ensuring that you have the right network infrastructure to meet the needs of you office based workers and remote workers is essential to ensure you key applications function properly.

Structured Cabling

The cost of Installing structured cabling within your office is mostly made up of labour costs so it is essential that the the right type of cable is installed that will meet both your current and long-term needs.  We can advise on the best solution to ensure you get the best value for money as well as complying with building regulations.  Our team of structured cabling engineers can install CAT5e, CAT6 and fibre optic cable.  We only use high quality Panduit products on all copper installations to ensure the system is robust and will stand the test of time. 

Network Switching

Your network switch is the king pin that holds you local networks together. Businesses now expect their network to prove much more advanced features such as secure WiFi for both internal network access and limited access for guest users. With the growth of voice over IP telephone systems Data and Telecoms networks are converging.  These changes in the way a business uses its internal network means that the correct specification and configuration of managed switches is essential to ensure a robust network system that is secure and delivers the functionality that the business demands.  Lucid engineers can specify and deliver the a wide range of switching solutions, we partner with manufacturers with many different price bands to ensure we can offer a solution that will both meet your requirements and budget.  

Network Security

Your firewall is your first line of defence in protecting your data and the personal information of your clients.  Lucid can provide a firewall solution to meet your needs and budget and ensure all data stored on your internal systems is only accessible to authorised users.  Attacks from the internet are not the only threats to you business, WIFi networks and other internal access to your network also need to be properly secured.  
As more and more employees require access to internal data from remote locations such as home workers or users accessing email from a smartphone, there is a greater need to unsure that all external access to your private network is properly secured in order to ensure your passwords and data are never transmitted unencrypted over a public network. Lucid can ensure your data in always safe and that your systems comply with the Data Protection Act and regulating bodies.