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Are you ready to migrate from on-premise to the cloud?


There has never been a better time to migrate from on-premise servers to cloud-based IT solutions. With a variety of options available and fast, responsive technology at the touch of a button, it’s no wonder that so many businesses are making the most of cloud-based systems.

If you’re still relying on on-premise servers, then you may be interested to know that migrating to the cloud can lead to lower monthly costs and effortless scalability to help you adapt to your businesses’ changing needs.

Why migrate to cloud-based IT solutions?

We know that for businesses to thrive, they need to have adaptable IT solutions that can change with their needs. There are many reasons why your business may be ready to migrate from an on-premise IT solution to a new cloud-based model.

  • Innovation

New technologies are coming to the market faster than ever before. With on-premise IT servers, it can be difficult to make a business case for upgraded equipment. But thanks to cloud-based computing, updating your systems can be as easier than ever. This means that your business can continue to innovate with minimal expenditure. It’s why so many smaller businesses can thrive here in the East of England.

  • Improved efficiency

There comes a time when all IT systems will come to the end of its life. Your staff may report increased technical issues. You may even find that your business is being impacted by unexpected downtime. A benefit of migrating from on-premise to cloud-based IT systems is that we can install newer, more effective ways of working which have been designed specifically to improve your business efficiency.

  • Scalability

If you find that your business needs to add new users due to faster than expected growth, then it’s reassuring to know that with cloud-based IT systems, it’s easy to scale up your business. Whether it’s adding new users or adding on new VoIP telephone lines, you are not tied into any lengthy contracts. It means your IT system has the flexibility and capability to adapt to your business needs.

  • Secure computing

If you are concerned by security, then cloud-based servers offer all the protection and resilience that you may expect. At Lucid Systems, we have our very own hosted data centres that allow us to proactively monitor and check for any issues before they arise. All data stored is fully encrypted, and our proactive approach towards maintenance means that we can identify any potential issues before they arise. What’s more, thanks to automatic backups, you can feel confident that your data is held securely and can be retrieved in the event of a loss.

Guiding you through each step of your migration

If you’re considering migrating from on-premise to a newer, more effective cloud-based solution then you should feel confident that your IT provider will be there to hold your hand through every step of the way.

Our clients understand that we will manage the whole process from start to finish. They trust that we’ll undertake our due diligence to make recommendations that work for you. We don’t offer ‘one-size-fits-all’ approaches to IT solutions. Instead, we get to know who are you are as a company. We know what you want to achieve and where you see your business going. This allows us to identify the right approach for your needs.

You may be looking to upgrade your desktop software to Office 365. Or you may be looking to migrate your server to our very own hosted data centres. You may even be considering a switch to Microsoft Azure. Whatever the case, you can be sure that our team of expert technicians will identify the most appropriate and cost-effective solution for you. 

We’ve worked closely with businesses from Ipswich to Bury St Edmunds, from Norwich to Cambridge to help them migrate from on-premise servers to cloud-based technologies. Why not read about some of our work in our client case studies? Alternatively, contact us to find out how we can help you to manage your migration.