Cyber security resources to keep your business safe

Enhance your Cyber Essentials credentials with an extra layer of security

Cyber Essentials Plus vs Cyber Essentials – what’s the difference?

You might have already laid the groundwork for effective cybersecurity defences and secured your Cyber Essentials certificate. But did you know that once you’ve had your accreditation for over three months, you can upgrade to a more stringent certification that amplifies your defence settings?

When it comes to cyber security, there are lots of things that we can do to keep our businesses safe. We can achieve Cyber Essentials certification. We can incorporate multi-factor authentication techniques to verify our identification. We can install complete end-to-end encryption. We can even prepare disaster recovery plans to get back up and running as quickly as possible if we are hit by a security breach.

If you are a small business, you may be worried that your budget doesn’t stretch to a comprehensive cyber security service. But unfortunately, many cybercriminals are specifically targeting small to medium sized businesses because they know that there are many more weaknesses that they can exploit. The financial implications of being impacted by a cyberattack could range from unexpected downtime for your employees, through to serious reputational damage. If your corporate data is accessed by a hacker, the costs of fixing it will far outweigh any initial preventative investment into cybersecurity solutions.

We do whatever it takes to protect businesses like you from being impacted by a cyber-attack.

At Lucid Systems, our approach is to offer proactive management of your IT infrastructure to ensure that you are resilient to any potential threats. We can even offer fixed-price IT support to create an effective solution that works with your budget. Thanks to our ISO 27001 certification and our status as a Microsoft Gold Partner you can feel reassured that our cyber security solutions adhere to global best practice standards.

Resources to protect your business

To help protect your business from cyber security threats, here are some reputable resources.

The Eastern Cyber Resilience Centre The ECRC protects small businesses throughout the East of England against cyber crime
Police Cyber Alarm Helps to monitor and report malicious activity
National Cyber Security Centre Provides practical advice and guidance on how to protect yourself online
Cyber Aware A government resource that offers advice on improving your online security
Action Fraud The national reporting centre for fraud and cybercrime
Take Five Stop Fraud A national campaign to offer impartial advice to protect yourself from email, phone, or online fraud
Have I been pwned? A site allowing you to check if your phone or email data has been breached
Get Safe Online A practical resource to protect you and your devices from fraud, identity theft, viruses, and phishing scams
Cyber Essentials An overview of the national accreditation that helps to protect your business from cybercrime
No More Ransom A European initiative designed to help victims of ransomware retrieve their data
Cybersecurity Information Sharing Partnership (CISP) An industry and government initiative that allows businesses to share cyber threat information collectively

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