Laying the foundations of IT support for the construction sector.

The growing importance of IT within the construction sector

Purpose-built IT architecture that allows you to maximise your digital foundations and build bigger, better buildings.

The construction sector is a highly pressured environment, and you need seamless communication and precision to ensure that you’re working effectively with your suppliers, contractors, and clients.

You’re looking for the right digital building blocks that will help you work in the most efficient way possible. You may need to manage multiple sites, work in temporary buildings, keep track of any digital plans or blueprints and ensure that you’re able to meet your deadlines.

But to do this, you need to have an IT architecture that allows you to build bigger and better buildings.

Here at Lucid Systems, we provide IT support to the construction sector.

We understand the challenges you face, and we can collaborate with you to ensure that your construction sites are functioning smoothly.

We go beyond the traditional IT helpdesk support role for your administrative teams.

You may be looking for a team that can install mobile networks and connections across a number of temporary buildings – allowing you to work digitally while remaining on-site.

Perhaps you want a remote connection that prioritises seamless communications with your customers. Or maybe you want to improve your data security. After all, you’re dealing with a number of invoices, contractual agreements, legislative documentation and other confidential data that you need to keep secure.

With our help, your construction business can benefit from:

  • Automated failovers

  • Business continuity support and disaster recovery plans

  • CCTV installations

  • Cloud migration

  • Cyber Essentials certification

  • Data security

  • Fast, reliable internet connections

  • Temporary networks

  • Wireless PtP links

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