WiFi Surveys and Installations

Boost productivity with a WiFi network built for performance

WiFi site surveys to keep you up and running

Your business needs to have a WiFi solution that you can rely on. You need to know that your office’s WiFi is robust, reliable, and, most importantly, lets you connect easily from anywhere in the building.

Beyond this, you may be looking for a WiFi solution that lets you give guest access to guests, set up corporate landing pages, or even data capture options.

Before installing a wireless network in your business, you should invest in a WiFi site survey or network audit as part of your preparations.

Our WiFi surveying team will conduct a thorough audit of your site to see how we can improve your connectivity. We’ll take the time to get to know all of your nooks and crannies and find out where your pressure points are. Based on this, we can create a custom mesh WiFi system that will ensure a seamless connection throughout your grounds, with easy transitions between multiple access points.

You may already have a WiFi network set up. Our WiFi surveyors will check certain areas to see if there are any problems and make sure that your wireless network is running as it should. You might be having trouble with video calls in a particular area of the office, or you may know of places where your connection drops out often.

You will receive a full WiFi site survey report, which will let you know if your current setup is suitable for the job and let your software and apps function as they should.

We know that setting up WiFi isn’t just about getting you online.

It’s about coming up with a professional solution that helps your staff to work as efficiently as possible.

  • As well as installing premium WiFi connections, we can also look at your wider IT infrastructure.
  • We will look at your business broadband connections and structured cabling installations.
  • We supply firewalls, routers and switches to keep you safe and connected.
  • We can design entire networks or update your IT systems to the latest technology.
  • We will ensure that your CCTV installations connect directly to your WiFi system.
  • Our end-to-end service considers every aspect of your connections, from education and IT policy support for your staff to complete cybersecurity and data encryption.

This attention to detail is why so many Suffolk businesses rely on us for commercial WiFi installations.

Creating professional guest networks for your visitors

Does your business have many visitors? Perhaps you are a restaurant or a hotel, and you want to provide an exceptional WiFi connection for your customers without impacting your networks. Or maybe you want to offer guest access while still maintaining stringent security checks on your internal systems.

We can set up excellent guest WiFi networks that allow your visitors to enjoy fast internet connections without compromising your internal company network.

Beyond this, we can further enhance your professionalism by setting up corporate landing pages that let your visitors log into your guest network. The look and feel of these pages can replicate your company website, and it’s a chance for you to promote your latest services to your guests. We can even incorporate data capture opportunities for you as part of the log-in process. Any data provided by your visitors will be fully encrypted and held securely in line with your ongoing data protection policies.