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Connectivity Products


To get the most from your network it must be properly connected to the rest of the world. Features such as inter site VPN connections, telecommuting and access to your data when away from the office all depend on proper internet connectivity. In order to provide a complete connectivity solution Lucid Systems can provide ADSL, SDSL and bonded lines to suit all small business requirements.


ADSL 2+ (availability dependant on coverage in your area):
We offer as standard a DSL connection to the 21st Century Network in areas where it is available. This delivers download speeds of up to 20Mb/s and up to 1.3 Mb/s upload speeds. ADSL 2+ enables your business to run a range of super-fast telephony and IP services such as high quality site-to-site video conferencing and remote online back up and storage.

ADSL Max and Max Premium:
For those customers in areas where the 21CN is not available yet, We offer standard ADSL Max and Max Premium services which offer download speeds of up to 8Mb/s, with an ADSL Max upload speed of up to 448kb/s* and Max Premium of up to 832kb/s* upstream.


SDSL delivers bandwidth of up to 2Mb/s both upstream and downstream over existing telephone lines.

Lucid SDSL is ideal for businesses requiring high-speed, symmetric access to the internet. It gives you all the benefits of broadband but in both directions and at the same speed, connecting you to the internet at the same rate for uploads and downloads.

The symmetric download and upload speeds and reduced latency make it perfect for real-time communications such as VoIP and high-quality video conferencing, as well as VPN solutions.

Designed with the needs of business in mind, SDSL technology provides you with a dedicated, high-speed internet connection that is fast, efficient and economical.

bonded adsl

Bonded broadband lets you join (or bond) two or more broadband connections together to form one combined "single " high speed managed connection using MLPPP (Multi-Link Point-to-Point Protocol), to increase both your download and upload capability. This solution is very popular for businesses that require high capacity internet connectivity with added resiliency for applications such as VPN traffic, multimedia or accommodating the connectivity requirements of a large office. Multiple channels increase service resilience by building up to n+3 redundancy, meaning you have a very high grade service, capable of meeting your needs both today and tomorrow.

Bonding offers the perfect solution to businesses requiring higher bandwidth, with extra resiliency and a heightened SLA without the high costs of a leased line connection, or the limitations of a single broadband circuit.