The Bridge Marketing is a dedicated marketing and PR agency based in Suffolk. They specialise in providing effective marketing support, helping businesses to raise their profile nationally.

The Bridge Marketing was looking to improve and unify their communications. With each member of the team working remotely, they needed a secure and robust way to collaborate effectively.


Services Used

The Challenge

  • Microsoft 365 migration

  • Data security

The Results

  • Improved collaboration

  • Enhanced email capabilities

  • Better productivity

The Challenge

The company had been making use of Gmail email accounts and had been using the variety of tools and shared software available within Google workspace. However, as the business had grown, it was time to create a more unified solution. They needed something that could provide them with additional features and scope to scale up their communications.

We recommended that they migrated their systems towards Microsoft 365. This would give them access to the collaborative tools available within Microsoft Teams, which are ideal for home working. It would also provide them with a centralised management for all their communications.

The process involved migrating their emails away from Gmail and into Microsoft 365. The firm were also storing their files and documents within Dropbox, so we suggested that they would benefit from a Dropbox to SharePoint migration.  We knew that this would make it easier for them to collaborate effectively whilst working from home.

Our Approach

We began the project by undertaking an audit of the existing mailboxes and any aliases in Gmail. We also carefully considered the data that was currently stored within Dropbox. This allowed us to identify the right solution, which was a G-suite to Microsoft 365 migration.

We took the time to explain the benefits of the migration and outlined some of the key collaborative features available within the new software. The client had been affected by several pain points in their existing set-up, so we identified the solutions and demonstrated how Microsoft 365 could overcome these problems and increase efficiency.

The biggest challenge was to migrate all the email data.

As a marketing agency, The Bridge Marketing needed to retain access to all its emails and contacts.

To ensure a seamless transition, we undertook a “lift and shift” approach to the migration. This meant that we took copies of existing offline mailboxes and imported them into the new MS 365 mailboxes. During the sync process, we changed the Mail Exchange records and created a new Outlook profile for each user. We also took the opportunity to upgrade each user from Office Apps for Business to Office Business Premium. This meant that each staff member was able to use a more sophisticated tool.

To minimise any impact on the client, we performed the migration out of hours, ensuring that there was minimal downtime. We were also able to complete the entire migration whilst working remotely.

The Results

Since the migration to Microsoft 365, The Bridge Marketing has been able to make extensive use of the collaborative tools available within MS Teams. They now have a far more robust and sophisticated set up which has allowed them to work far more efficiently. There is also scope to scale up their operations as their business continues to grow.

Thanks to Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams, it is now far easier for the team to work effectively from home. The email migration has given them access to enhanced email capabilities and their data is now held far more securely thanks to SharePoint.

The transition itself was seamless, and since the migration, we have helped the team understand how to make the most of various features to improve their productivity and efficiency.