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The handy Windows 10 shortcuts that we should be aware of

Posted 01 Dec 2020

We all like to think that we’re super speedy when it comes to computer work, but are you aware of all of the various shortcuts that are available with Microsoft products? 

We’re not just talking about the typical Ctrl + C to copy an item, or Ctrl + V to paste. We’re talking about the lesser-known Windows 10 shortcuts that many people are unaware of.

Why do we use keyboard shortcuts?

Shortcut keys can be a great timesaving tool. They can help you to find files and documents much faster, and they can be extremely effective if you are working across multiple programmes or files.

Keyboard shortcuts are also extremely important for accessibility. Using just a keyboard means that those with physical difficulties can navigate their way around a computer without the need for a mouse. Microsoft has published a detailed list of keyboard shortcuts which are designed specifically for assistive technologies in Windows 10.

You may even be surprised to know that using shortcut keys can prevent issues relating to Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). The use of keyboard shortcuts can prevent fatigue in your wrists and fingers which are commonly caused by using your mouse.  

The lesser known Windows 10 shortcuts

Here are just a few of the Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts that we think you may find useful. 

Lucid Systems in Ipswich are experts in business IT systems. Here is a compiled list of useful keyboard shortcuts that the Lucid Systems team think you'll find useful.

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by Amy Dawson