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£1.25m fine for data breach shows the importance of cyber security

Posted 02 Dec 2020

We spend a lot of our time working with clients across the East of England to help them understand the importance of investing in cyber security. Knowing that your corporate IT infrastructure and your website are resilient to hackers has never been more important. 

The high-profile case of Ticketmaster UK….

Just last month (13.11.20), Ticketmaster UK was fined £1.25 million by the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) for failing to keep its customers' personal data secure. A hack on the company’s website saw personal information and credit card details of up to nine million users across Europe stolen after a third-party JavaScript ChatBot was installed on the website’s payment page.

The data breach began in February 2018 and wasn’t spotted until April 2018 when banks began to suspect elements of fraud. Ticketmaster reported the data breach to the ICO in June 2018 – by which time 66,000 credit cards had to be replaced and 9.4m people’s data had potentially been affected. Ticketmaster UK has confirmed that they do not know how many people’s data was affected between 25 May and 23 June 2018.

The £1.25m fine was handed out by the ICO relates solely to the timeframe between May and June 2018 which was after GDPR came into effect. Ticketmaster UK will now appeal the decision made by the ICO.

We help clients protect themselves against cyber crime

Lucid Systems in Ipswich help clients understand the importance of Cyber Security. They work hard to ensure that business IT systems are resilient to online threats.

The fine handed out to Ticketmaster UK shows that businesses cannot underestimate the importance of keeping your customer’s data secure.

At Lucid Systems, we place cyber security at the heart of everything that we do.

As an ISO 27001 accredited company, we can offer a guarantee that we will always act in the most secure way possible. We facilitate both preventative and corrective action, whether it’s through helping you to achieve Cyber Essentials certification or through running a series of disaster recovery drills to proactively test your resilience to hackers.

A lot of the work that we do isn’t just about maintaining your corporate IT infrastructure or ensuring that you have the latest security patches and software updates. We work closely with clients across Suffolk, Norfolk, and Essex to help you educate your employees about how to spot the warning signs of potential threats, and the importance of adhering to IT policies and processes. This is because when it comes to cyber security, the biggest threat to any company will be its people.

We know from experience that it can be tricky for employees to spot the signs of a phishing scam. And now many firms are choosing to work remotely from home, it can be harder than ever for businesses to ensure that their staff is adhering to the same IT policies that were in effect in the office.

It’s why we work hard to ensure that remote access solutions have the same stringent security processes in place. As well as incorporating effective firewalls and SSL encryption to protect your company data, we can set up remote desktop services so that users are unable to save any files or documents on local drives. We proactively scan for any threats and ensure that individual devices are updated with the latest anti-virus software and malware protection.

In short, we do everything that we possibly can to help our clients protect themselves against cyber crime.

To find out more about how we can improve the cyber security of your business, please get in touch.  

by Amy Dawson