Lucid Systems is very much business as usual with the exception of non-essential site visits, we are here to respond to client support requests to enable home working.

Providing effective IT support for teams working from home

Posted 25 Nov 2020

This year has seen enormous changes for businesses, the biggest of which has been the implementation of remote working for the majority of office workers. 

For many businesses, working from home has been a significant culture shift. After all, we’re used to the relative ease of stepping into an office surrounded by colleagues. Employers know that in an office they can see what their staff are working on, they can trust that individuals are adhering to internal policies and procedures and they can feel confident that their corporate IT infrastructure is set up to work effectively.

At the start of this year, much of our time was spent ensuring that all of our clients throughout Suffolk, Norfolk and Essex were set up to work remotely. For the majority of our clients, this infrastructure was already in place. It meant that within just a few days all of our clients were able to work from home effectively. It’s something that we are extremely proud of, and it’s been pleasing to see that as employees have remained working from home, our standards of care and attention have remained as high as ever.

Continuing to provide effective helpline support for IT issues

 Lucid Systems in Ipswich provide effective business IT support for firms working from home.

One of the questions we’re often asked, is can we effectively function as an IT support desk when the majority of our clients are now working from home?

The answer is yes.

If you have a functional internet connection, we can continue to provide effective support for remote workers. Our remote software allows us to access our clients’ computers and provide the same high levels of customer care that we deliver for clients working from an office. If you cannot get online, we will provide clear instructions on how to get your system back up and running. If that is unsuccessful, an engineer will be dispatched to repair your system. 

Our support desk is functioning as normal, and clients can simply let us know of any technical issues via our ticket support system, via email, or by picking up the phone. Once we’re aware of an issue, we can prioritise and allocate an engineer to resolve the problem.

Service manager Jamie Pope says:

“We can easily help our clients resolve their technical issues regardless of whether they are working from the office or working at home. As IT technicians it doesn’t impact what we do because all we need is a working internet connection to facilitate remote access to their computer.

“Our experience over the last few months is that we’ve been able to maintain our support and our quick timescales. Typically, most support tickets logged with us requesting help are allocated to an engineer within 15 minutes. This means that we can quickly work with clients to resolve any issues, ensuring that their remote working is unaffected by technical problems.”

We can even help with broadband connection issues

One of the concerns that many employers may have about working from home is the stability of internet connections. Many businesses have chosen  business broadband to ensure that they have adequate service levels from the ISP. This helps to prevent any unexpected downtime.

Luckily, the UK’s broadband infrastructure has coped extremely well with the increased demand for connectivity. Regulator Ofcom has confirmed that average download and upload speeds remained largely stable this year despite the surge in broadband use.

In the instances where a client has phoned us with concerns about their consumer grade internet connectivity, we are still able to help. Although we cannot speak directly to individual internet providers, we have worked with clients to identify any potential issues. We can help establish if your router has a technical issue or whether there are any known local outages. This means that our clients are armed with as much information as possible before they phone their personal internet provider for resolution.

Are you looking to strengthen your internet connectivity?

74% of firms intend to remain working from home. At Lucid Systems, we can continue to provide effective corporate IT support for home workers.

As we start to look to the future, we know that many clients will continue working from home where possible. A recent survey from the Institute of Directors (IoD) has indicated that almost three-quarters of firms would keep home working long after the coronavirus pandemic has ended. More than half also stated that they “intended to reduce their long-term use of workplaces.”

This is significant because it means that employers will need to start considering how to facilitate effective broadband services and failover lines for remote workers.

If you are considering closing your office and working exclusively from home, then we can supply broadband services at home. We can provide routers, firewalls, and switches to ensure that end-to-end security is maintained. We can host your servers in our dedicated data centres. And our understanding of your IT infrastructure means that we can find the right solution to keep your business up and running regardless of where your workers are based.

At Lucid Systems, we work with clients across Ipswich, Bury St Edmunds, Colchester, and Norwich to provide exceptional IT helpdesk support. To find out more about how we can provide business IT support to your remote workers, please get in touch.  

by Amy Dawson