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Preparing for 2021: How Brexit could impact technology

Posted 22 Oct 2020

As we head towards the latter stages of 2020, more is being written about Britain’s potential no-deal exit from the European Union. At the time of writing this article, we are still unaware of what the outcomes could be, and there is still time for many twists and turns in the ongoing Brexit saga.

However, what is clear is that Brexit could have an impact on the IT sector, specifically in terms of price increases, product shortages, and timescales. This means that businesses should start to think about any upcoming changes to their IT infrastructure and plan ahead. 

Businesses need to plan for any impact that Brexit may have on their IT infrastructure. Lucid Systems in Ipswich share their thoughts on this topic.

We look at why these three areas could be impacted by Brexit.

Brexit could lead to price increases for IT equipment.

Over the last few years, we have seen many price increases from manufacturers. This is because the weakening value of the pound against the dollar is pushing prices up, making IT equipment increasingly expensive. 

We have largely already seen many of these price rises; from the initial Brexit vote to many of the milestones that have taken place over the last few years. However, if the pound does continue to weaken after Britain officially leaves the EU, it is an almost certainty that your IT equipment will be more expensive this time next year.

Brexit could cause a delay in the availability of IT equipment

There are fears that in the initial aftermath of Brexit we could find that shipments of IT equipment are delayed due to shortages. This is because Brexit will impact every aspect of deliveries, from logistics through to suppliers and haulage firms who may be bringing IT equipment to the UK from European countries.

This is something that we lived through at the start of this year.

As businesses adjusted to home working because of the national lockdown, it was much harder to source IT equipment in our usual timeframes. Shipments took much longer to arrive, and we anticipate that any disruption to supply chains or issues relating to paperwork could lead to delays in the availability of equipment once again.

Added to the confusion is the additional possibility of further lockdowns (either regional or national) cause by the coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, our advice for anyone considering investing in IT equipment in the coming months is to put your order in as soon as possible.

This could impact timescales when implementing new IT projects

It goes without saying that equipment shortages could have an impact on timescales when it comes to implementing new IT infrastructure. If equipment takes longer to arrive than anticipated, or staffing levels are reduced due to social distancing requirements, then projects make take longer to complete.

At Lucid Systems, we do not anticipate any disruption to our services caused by Brexit, but we believe that projects may take a little more planning than usual to accommodate price fluctuations or shipment delays.

That is why we are proactively working with our clients in Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex, and London to identify any upcoming IT projects. For clients who are considering replacing aging infrastructure or are looking to upgrade their IT solutions, we recommend getting the ball rolling as soon as possible to ensure that you are not impacted by any delays caused by Brexit. 

Managing Director Craig Debenham says:

“We have worked with many of our clients for many years, and this means that we know when their IT infrastructure could be coming to the end of its life. We are proactively talking to our clients to help them understand when they could be due for upgrades and we will be adding in new timescales to account for any Brexit-related shortages or delays.

This approach means that we can continue to ensure that our clients are not impacted by the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union.”  

For more information about how Lucid Systems can work with you to futureproof your business IT solutions, please get in touch

by Amy Dawson