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Could a VoIP telephone system help you to work remotely?

Posted 06 Aug 2020

Over the last few months, businesses have adapted to working from home. For many firms, this process was relatively simple to implement, thanks to cloud-based technology. Many of us are used to working directly from the cloud – with no software to install and automatic updates and backups, it’s easy to see why so many businesses choose to make the most of cloud services. But it’s not just your computer systems that should be working in the cloud; your telephone system should be as well.

Let’s find out why…

What is a cloud-based telephone system?

Traditional landline phones work via an analogue or ISDN phone line. Although they are reliable, they can be costly to run (with calls charged per minute) and they lack the flexibility to scale up or down as your business demands.

In recent years, cloud-based telephone systems (known as VoIP systems) have been developed to offer greater flexibility and affordability for businesses, whatever their size and sector. These telephone systems use internet connections rather than analogue lines to manage the connection. This means that they are easy to use, low cost, and adaptable to your changing business needs. For example, if you have taken on new staff members, you can easily add new direct-dial extensions without being tied into any lengthy contracts.

Why VoIP telephone systems are better for your business

We believe that VoIP telephone systems are the best cloud-based telephone systems for most businesses. This is a multi-faceted phone line connection which not only transmits calls via an internet connection but also incorporates a wide range of other features. These include call forwarding, company diverts, conferencing capabilities, voicemail services, and even TPS screening solutions.

In our view, not only can VoIP telephone lines offer additional professionalism and capability, but it’s far easier to manage your telephone budget. Rather than paying for every minute of call time, your phone conversations will be included within your business broadband service.

Can VoIP phone lines give you greater consistency when staff work from home?

As businesses scrambled to adapt to home working, one of the biggest challenges was establishing how to maintain consistent phone lines for employees. A benefit of VoIP phone lines is that as the connection takes place via the internet, you can access your phone lines from anywhere in the world. You can use a headset plugged into your laptop; an app installed onto your smartphone. Or, you could simply take your handset home with you to use.

This is possible because the phone line is managed entirely in the cloud. It means that your staff can retain their existing extension numbers wherever they are working, offering greater consistency and reliability for clients and customers trying to contact you.

Our Managing Director Craig Debenham tells us why this is so important for businesses: 

“We know that businesses are primarily working from cloud-based solutions. They understand the importance of being able to access work from anywhere in the world, but many have neglected the investment into their phone lines.

The last few months has shown that whilst it is easy to simply ask clients or customers to call a mobile phone, rather than a landline, it’s not always a practical solution. There are many questions that you need to ask yourself. For example, what happens if you’ve forgotten to tell a customer the new number? Is the new number listed on your website or your email sign off? Will you need new business cards printed? How easy is it to dial in and check your landline voicemail services if you are working from home and unable to go to your office?  

With a VoIP telephone system, all of this is taken care of for you. For businesses where employees are mixing home and office-based work, or employees are travelling between different offices, having a consistent contact number is vital. It improves productivity and reliability, as well as giving clients or customers peace of mind that they always know how to get in touch with you.”

Lucid Systems specialise in hosting VoIP telephone systems. This means that we can manage and maintain your phone system on your behalf, ensuring that your phone lines are fully integrated with your business broadband connectivity and your wider IT solutions.

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by Amy Dawson