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Microsoft helping to combat COVID-19 phishing scams

Posted 07 Jul 2020

Over the last few months, many of us have switched to working from home as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Whilst remote working has allowed us to remain productive, it has meant that employees have had to take on greater responsibility for cyber security.

Some staff may have been working on older, unmanaged personal devices. Whilst others may be working on an unsecured network. Working in a more informal setting may even cause some to pay less attention to stringent IT policies and procedures. Whatever the circumstances, this can be disastrous when it comes to safeguarding employees and data against malicious cyber-attacks and phishing scams.

Microsoft’s Cybersecurity Awareness Kit

At Lucid Systems, we’ve worked closely with our clients throughout Suffolk, Norfolk, and Essex to prepare them for secure remote working capabilities. We’ve also educated our clients to help them spot the signs of phishing scams. But new scams are occurring every day. This is why we’re pleased to see that Microsoft has produced a comprehensive Cybersecurity Awareness Kit. This has been designed to allow businesses to train remote workers on how to spot phishing attempts and privacy breaches. The kit also includes dedicated training relevant to COVID-19 scenarios.

The Cybersecurity Awareness Kit allows businesses to provide free cyber awareness training to all remote workers, reminding them of the importance of staying vigilant against cyber crime.  

Craig Debenham, Managing Director of Lucid Systems says:

“Over the past few months, there’s been a dramatic increase in the number of malicious emails claiming to offer PPE supplies or requesting confidential health information. Hackers are increasingly sophisticated, and it can often seem like these emails are coming from legitimate sources. But businesses must ensure that all employees know how to identify potentially damaging emails, whether they are working from home or returning to the office.”

What is included within the training kit?

The Microsoft Cybersecurity Awareness Kit is available to all enterprise users with a Microsoft 365 account.

Training can be completed on the Microsoft security portal, or the kit can be downloaded to a central location and shared with all company users.

There are three specific training modules relating to Covid-19

  • Mass phishing. This helps users to understand what mass phishing campaigns are and how you can spot the signs of a scam email.
  • How to protect your home computer. This module allows users to understand why a hacker may target a home computer. It will look at how home computers can link to corporate data breaches, and what you can do to protect yourself.
  • Privacy training. This will explain what private data hackers may be looking for and how you can maintain your privacy.

The Cybersecurity Awareness Kit can be accessed through the Microsoft 365 Security and Compliance Centre.

Protecting your business against cyber threats

At Lucid Systems, we are experts in protecting our clients against a range of cyber threats. We take the time to design business IT systems that have resilience against online threats, and we work with our clients to help them educate their teams.

Whether you are looking for a managed IT service who can handle your Cyber Essentials certification on your behalf, or you want to implement a disaster recovery plan, we can work with you. Our experience is in working with clients of all sizes, across the East of England to ensure that your business has the protection it needs against phishing scams and security breaches.

To find out how we can protect your business, please get in touch.  

by Amy Dawson