Lucid Systems is very much business as usual with the exception of non-essential site visits, we are here to respond to client support requests to enable home working.

COVID-19: Ensuring that you remain fully functional

Posted 13 Mar 2020

Like many businesses, we are paying close attention to the latest news and information relating to COVID-19, which is also known as the Coronavirus.

We would like to reiterate that at present, it’s very much ‘business at usual’ at Lucid Systems. Our staff are fully supported and are adhering to the latest government recommendations to minimise the spread of the virus such as regular hand washing and remaining at home for seven days if they have either a high temperature or a new continuous cough. 

However, we know that soon it is inevitable that the government may request people to work from home where possible, even in the absence of any COVID-19 symptoms. If this scenario is put into effect, we have a contingency plan ready to put into place to ensure that we can continue to provide effective business IT support for our clients across the East of England.

Implementing our Disaster Recovery strategy

Many of our clients already benefit from our disaster recovery drills, which enable us to ensure that your business is fully functional as quickly as possible in the scope of any disaster, whether that’s a physical disaster (such as a fire or flood) or a security breach.

We have tested our disaster recovery procedures for any event which may prevent our engineers from attending our Ipswich head office.

Should we have to isolate any staff members, or should we have to collectively work from home we can confirm that our team of support engineers will still be able to respond to any support requests that you may have. We will have access to all of our internal systems and our VOIP telephone system. We are also well placed to be able to gain remote access to your computer systems to continue to provide high levels of support.

Facilitating remote working for businesses

If you intend to isolate your staff at home and facilitate remote working, then please note that we will only be able to support remote access issues where you have an existing remote access solution already in place.

We anticipate that soon many of our clients may choose to work from home in response to COVID-19. In which case, we predict an unusual rise in the number of support requests coming in. Whilst our disaster recovery plan will allow us to continue to deliver our high levels of client care, it may mean that waiting times may be longer than usual. As is our standard practice, we will continue to prioritise our support tickets and will work with our clients to help them remain functional.

Office 365 users can gain remote access

Many of our clients are already enquiring if it’s possible to access mailboxes remotely. We can confirm that if you are an Office 365 user (and many of our clients have already migrated to it) then your personal mailbox will be available from any internet-enabled PC.

Simply visit where you will be able to open Outlook Web Access as well as any other Office 365 applications that you are subscribed to. 

To remain up-to-date with the latest news and official government guidance regarding COVID-19, we recommend checking

If you have any questions about your capability to remain fully functional over the coming weeks and months please get in touch.  

by Amy Dawson