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Are your IT helpdesk and support teams ISO 27001 certified?

Posted 03 Dec 2019

In a recent blog post, we talked about the importance of becoming Cyber Essentials certified in order to demonstrate to your customers and stakeholders that you take data protection and cyber security seriously. As experts in IT and computing, we see first-hand the issues that can be caused by poor online security systems and it’s why we have a stringent commitment to ensuring that our clients are fully protected by the latest online threats.

A key part of our protection is our ISO 27001 certification. 

Whilst it may sound like jargon to you, for us, it’s a core element of what we do. 

It demonstrates that we are committed to the security of our clients’ data. As an internationally recognised standard, it pinpoints an awareness of management responsibility, continual improvement, and both corrective and preventative action. 

Lucid Systems have ISO 27001 certification which shows a stringent dedication to information security

In short, it provides a guarantee that your information security is paramount.

Why is ISO 27001 so important

ISO 27001 is internationally recognised for providing a specification for information security management systems (ISMS). It has been designed to allow businesses to manage their information security processes in accordance with global best practice, regardless of company size or technology choice.

ISO 27001 is based on risk management. It provides risk assessments which are formal processes allowing you to manage any information security risks. It is a managerial-led process which ensures that security is consistently applied throughout the entirety of your organisation.

If you’re a medium or large business, we know that it can be easy to apply security settings via your IT or HR departments, but what about non-technical aspects of your business? If you walk around your office, could you identify confidential paperwork lying around on staff members’ desks? Is everyone in your organisation aware of their roles and responsibilities when it comes to security? It may shock you to realise that an organisation’s biggest threat isn’t hackers, but it’s their staff. Without adherence to strict security procedures and an understanding of IT policies, you could quickly be affected by a virus or worse. This often occurs when a staff member has accidentally opened something they shouldn’t.

That’s why ISO 27001 is so important. It brings together the different facets to ensure that a company is fully protected throughout the business. If you are ISO 27001 certified, you can look at your security across your whole organisation and conduct risk assessments which spot your weaknesses and your vulnerabilities and incorporate preventative systems and policies in place which react to these risk assessments.

Should I ask my IT support team if they have ISO 27001 accreditation?

In our view yes. Today’s hackers are incredibly sophisticated and clever cyber criminals. Throughout the world, hackers are gaining momentum so it’s important that your business is protected in full. Online security isn’t just about implementing reacting measures to known viruses and phishing attempts; it’s about careful planning and consideration. After all, prevention is most definitely better than cure.

An important consideration of the ISO 27001 accreditation is that certification is only granted by independent adjudicators. This means that an external body has verified that you meet the steps set out by the standard. At Lucid Systems, we have been assessed by the British Assessment Bureau, a leading Certification Body who have determined that we meet these required standards and that they are fully integrated into everything that we do.

Lucid Systems have been independently verified by the British Assessment Bureau to show that they meet ISO 27001 standards


We believe that if you are investing in business IT support, then you deserve to have an outsourced IT team who can demonstrably show that they meet these standards as a minimum. If your team hasn’t achieved IS0 27001 accreditation, then you should ask them for other evidence that your information security is resilient to online threats.

How Lucid System’s ISO 27001 certification can protect your business

At Lucid Systems, we work with companies of different sizes with a variety of different systems and procedures. But our commitment to information security remains the same.

As an ISO 27001 accredited IT support provider, we can share our knowledge and experience with our clients throughout Suffolk, Essex, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire and Greater London. They know that our accreditation means all of our IT support processes have been developed with the standards in mind.

This means that our clients can feel confident that their information is secure. They know that there is minimal risk of data breaches. Their staff feel confident that they know how to reduce errors and they feel engaged with the company. And what’s more, thanks to strict GDPR legislation, our clients know that our accreditation can help to protect their own reputation. We can provide auditable evidence that we are adhering to best practice and implementing strict IT policies which put data security at the heart of everything that we do.

To find out more about our ISO 27001 certification and how we can apply these internationally-renowned standards to your business, please get in touch

by Amy Dawson