Bacton Transport is a haulage firm based in Bacton, Suffolk. The company provides general and dedicated road transport and distribution services to organisations throughout the UK. Bacton Transport is a haulage firm based in Bacton, Suffolk

The company is well-established and was founded 90 years ago and is continuing to grow. However, with 35 users, it was time for the firm to relocate to new premises. They needed the help of Lucid Systems and our sister company Lucid Installations, to facilitate the move


The Challenge

  • Office Relocation

  • New network installation

  • Cabling infrastructure

  • Improved storage and security

The Results

  • Faster network

  • Improved collaboration

  • Increased security

  • Agility and scalability

The Challenge

We have been a long-term partner of Bacton Transport, providing them with effective IT support services for over four years. As well as IT helpdesk support, we also provide proactive management and data backup services to ensure that their technical infrastructure is efficient and reliable.

Our deep understanding of their existing setup meant that it was straightforward to design and install a new IT infrastructure within their new office premises.

As part of the relocation, Bacton Transport felt it was the right time to install a new network, with new virtual servers that would allow them to future-proof their IT systems. It was important that they could address any existing pain points and find solutions that enabled them to streamline their IT functionality and work far more collaboratively. What’s more, Bacton Transport also needed us to remove any outdated roaming profiles, as well as other applications.

The new system was a significant upgrade from their previous IT infrastructure. We installed new server operating systems along with virtual servers that could use bespoke software applications. We also added in an SSD server storage. We created a larger (and scalable) network with 10g switches – a vast difference from the existing infrastructure, which previously used a 1g switch.

A core part of the design and installation of the new infrastructure was to ensure that it was as secure and resilient as possible. For example, we used clustered firewalls, placed a new locked cabinet in a secure room, and implemented door entry systems and encrypted virtual hard drives. As part of our adherence to ISO 27001 standards, we also applied stringent password controls for all users.

Our Approach

This was an exciting challenge for our Lucid Systems and our Lucid Installations teams. It was an opportunity to design and install a bespoke, state-of-the-art IT infrastructure capable of doing everything that Bacton Transport required and more.

From the very beginning, Bacton Transport were clear that they knew they needed a system which was a mix of on-premise and cloud-based solutions. We created the infrastructure with the needs of the business in mind. We considered what they needed the IT system to do right now and how this may change in the future. Luckily, our long-standing relationship with Bacton Transport meant that we were well equipped to understand the needs of their business.

As the planning for the relocation was taking place during the pandemic, effective communication was vital between Bacton Transport and all of the third-party suppliers involved in the project. To collaborate effectively, all parties made use of Microsoft Teams. This ensured that everyone was kept up to date at each stage of the planning process.

From here, we were able to devise a comprehensive project plan which aligned with critical timescales in advance of the anticipated relocation date. We also factored in how we planned to work alongside various software vendors and factored in how to manage seamless communication with other third parties.

Within the project plan, staggered migrations were needed for the data and software applications. Luckily, the new office location was a new-build which meant that data could be transferred securely via a VPN without any time constraints and minimal disruption to any of Bacton Transport’s employees. When the system was ready to connect each users’ PC to the new network, the migration took place out of hours over a weekend. We worked very closely with the in-house team at Bacton Transport to manage this process collaboratively. As a result, when staff members arrived to work in the new office, their desks were all set up, ready for them to get started straight away.