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Karl Wilkinson

Senior Consultant / Service Development Manager

Karl Wilkinson is the Senior Consultant / Service Development Manager at Lucid Systems, experts in business IT solutions in Ipswich

As a Senior Consultant, Karl provides direct line management support to our 1st and 2nd line engineers ensuring that they can resolve any technical issues reported by our clients. He works closely with the teams to ensure that all solutions are robust and reliable, allowing our clients to be up and running as quickly as possible. 

Karl is a relative newcomer to the Lucid Systems team, having joined the company in 2019 but he has quickly carved out a critical role in supporting and maintaining the network infrastructure and security of our Lucid Systems Hosted Services Server. He also provides IT consultancy support to allow our clients to understand system developments and designs technical solutions which meet their changing needs. As a perfectionist, Karl works closely with our support engineers to ensure that all solutions adhere to our ISO 27001 standard.

Karl says that network design, implementation, and security are his favourite parts of his job and he’s particularly proud of his work with Cyber Essentials certification. He enjoys being able to help clients improve their security processes, allowing them to become more resilient to online threats.

In his opinion, Karl believes that the most innovative advances in IT technology over the past ten years are the growth of virtual reality and unified communications. In such a dynamic sector, it’s easy to see how these changes are making a huge difference to business computer systems. Also, Karl is impressed by how IT solutions have led to the growth in electric cars – it’s fascinating to see how IT can play a big role in society.  

When he’s not working, Karl continues to showcase his passion for IT. He regularly supports the Felixstowe Sea Cadets with their IT needs. Beyond that, Karl makes time for his hobbies; he’s a fan of cycling, badminton, cars, films, and music.  

Karl works closely with SME’s throughout Suffolk, Norfolk, and Essex to provide IT consultancy support, enabling them to find the right IT solution. To find out how he can support your business needs, please get in touch