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Dale Heuer

Senior Engineer / Client Manager

 Dale Heuer is a senior engineer at Lucid Systems, specialists in external IT support for businesses throughout the East of England

Dale Heuer is part of our client management division. He works closely with our clients to ensure that they are fully supported and aware of what their IT systems capabilities are. At Lucid Systems, we take a jargon-free approach to our IT support, so it’s important that team members like Dale are able to help our clients understand not just what we are doing, but why. 

From a very young age, Dale was always interested in actively fixing things and even as a teenager, he spent time working within a computer repair shop to learn how to fix computer issues. Therefore, it was no surprise when he decided upon a career as a computer engineer. Dale describes his role at Lucid Systems as part “troubleshooter” and part “client-consultant”. He works as a 2nd/ 3rd line support engineer, assisting both clients and colleagues to resolve any technical issues and ensures that all communications are clear and consistent.

Dale joined the Lucid Systems team in 2017 and enjoys the way that the company is continuing to grow. He believes the support and knowledge offered by every member of the team have helped him to grow as a computer engineer, and he’s grateful to be able to work alongside many talented colleagues and clients. Like many other members of the team, he recognises that the IT profession is an industry which is continuing to evolve and acknowledges that this allows them to learn new skills and tackle new challenges. In his view, he says that the greatest IT advancement is simply the advancement of procession power for both home and professional computers. As he says: “I grew up on 386 architecture running with MS-Dos 6.2!”

Outside of work, Dale can often be found with his gym gear on – he’s an avid sportsman and can often be found participating in charitable events where he can raise money for good causes. He is also a skilled photographer and in the past, he’s placed second in an RHS photographic competition!

It is thanks to team members like Dale that we can collaborate with our clients to offer jargon-free, easy-to-understand corporate IT solutions. If you’re looking for a team who will help explain what you need in a clear and concise way, then please get in touch