About Us

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Being clear and simplifying things as much as possible is the fundamental rule in everything we do at Lucid Systems.  When setting up systems we are always asking ourselves how can we make this simpler for the end user.  Information technology is complex by its nature, we see it as our role to translate the complexities into clear solutions that a business use to directly improve productivity.  

We provide high quality IT support services to small and medium enterprises "SMEs" in the East Anglia and London areas.  Our approach to providing support is focused on prevention as well as cure.  Proactively monitoring systems and avoiding faults in the first place, we prevent more problems than we fix.  

We focus on technologies that will fit a typical SME budget but will bring the maximum benefit to the business.  For some businesses this could be a cloud based solution and for others their own in-house servers.  When designing a solution we look deep into how the business operates and often offer two or three options clearly spelling out the pros and cons of each.  Our goal is to ensure that our clients can make a fully informed decision, one they are confident in making and one they can have confidence in.